Dr. Qamar- ul- Hassan (MBBS) was born on (July 4, 1971) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He graduated from Jinnah Sindh Medical University and started his career as a Doctor in Karachi. He had five years of experience working in general medicine as a medical officer (two years at NICVD and one year at Ziauddin Hospital). He shifted to pharmaceuticals and worked as an analyst in Aventis and IMS HEALTH (IQVIA). He soon realized that he doesn’t want to die as a pharmacist and switched back to pursue his medical career as a medical officer. Soon he developed an interest to explore psychiatry and worked as a psychiatrist in Liaquat National Hospital.

During his practice as a psychiatrist, he got to know about PERSONALITY TYPES while attending a leadership development program. He believed that human differences must be decoded also must be understood, appreciated, valued, and respected by accommodating Personality TYPES. Generalizing accommodation of human differences in the Pakistani community became his aim.

In the chase of mastering Personality TYPES, he received a certification in MBTI from Malaysia. He is a certified MMTIC as well from CAPT (Center for Applications of Psychological Type).

Now he is known as an expert in Personality TYPE assessment and has been providing training TYPE-based performance improvement solutions in personal and professional life for 15 years.

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Qamar’s session on Communicating Effectively by TYPE. It was truly an eye-opener. Ever since I have been practicing the science of TYPE-Based communication with my colleagues, I have noticed a great change. Now we can easily work in teams. I am looking forward to attending his trainings in future.

Syed Ahmad, CEO DPL

Dr. Qamar is a remarkable man. His insight into human psychology is commendable. My entire team and I are grateful to him for helping us manage our work and relationships more effectively. I highly recommend others to contact Dr. Qamar for TYPE-based trainings.

Farrukh Rasheed, HR Head HUBCO

Qamar is an out of the box thinker and has always discovered unconventional solutions for everyday problems. I greatly admire his expertise on human nature. Like me, he has helped many industry leaders in managing their workforce through TYPE guessing. It has been an absolute delight to know him personally.

Anwar Goplani, HR Head CDC


We will tell you how to discover, understand, develop & excellence yourself by discovering your personality TYPE. Dr.Qamar is the mastermind behind this wonderful self-discovering progress. The best solutions to your problems Know your TYPE.


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